Soccer Physics

6 Overall Score
Graphics: 4/10
Sound: 5/10
Gameplay: 9/10

Easy to play/ Great replay value / Fun / Great time killer / Bugs are hilarious


Soccer Physics is a free 2D pixel game about playing soccer in wacky ways with up to two players. You get two characters to control at the same time. Each is controlled by pressing the up arrow and nothing more.  Could it get any simpler?


Once the soccer ball is placed on the field, the jumping, kicking, flying, madness begins. Your goal is to score the ball into the opponent’s goal 5 times before they do. With there only being one button to push, you can’t control the characters positioning other than timing the jump just right so that he will travel or kick the way you want him to. You may also use any part of the body to hit the ball. There are no boundaries to contain your players, it’s entirely possible to send your team flying out into space, never to be seen again. The only negative thing I can say about this very simple, and very fun game is that the AI isn’t the best and will frequently score on itself.


As well as having to score the goal, the game will throw different attributes into the mix to make it harder or easier for each player.


 – Slippery: Makes the characters even harder to control by making the ground practically ice. You will slip and slide with the slightest movement.

 – Huge Goals: The goals for each team become roughly 50% larger than normal giving you much more room to score but much more room to be scored on as well. The depth of the goal is also increased.

 – Small Goals: The goals for each team become roughly 50% smaller than normal giving you much less room to score but also giving them less room to score as well. The depth of the goal is also reduced.

 – Beach Ball: The soccer ball now becomes a beach ball which is almost 200% bigger than the normal ball.

 – American: The soccer ball now becomes an American football. The size is not much bigger than the original ball but is now more of an oval shape just like an american football.

 – No Heads: All of the soccer players lose their head. This only really effects the front player on each team for the goalies have their hands up just as high as where their head would have been.

The game can throw up to 3 of these attributes at a time!


You begin the game with one instruction: to press the up arrow, nothing more. With the push of the up arrow your team will jump and kick at the same time. You can reduce how high and hard they kick by pushing the up arrow quickly. The player that is closer to the goal has a much higher jump than that of the one near the ball spawn. Even though you can only press the up arrow, your characters will still return to an upright position after jumping.  

Both you and your opponent get two soccer players, a front line and a goalie. When the game begins, a soccer ball spawns in above one of the front line head.


The sound in this game makes you feel like you are playing an old-school arcade game. It gets you pumped and ready to play. Whenever someone scores you can hear a man with a monotone voice speaking in the background.


This game is simplistic and just down right fun to play, especially with a friend. Seeing your goalie fly across the field or even out of the map is hilarious. The game has great replay value as well since you can always get a friend to play with or to play single player and just see how much madness you can cause while trying to win. 


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