Halo 4 [Short]

9.9 Overall Score

+ New guns mesh well with the old and few weapons are useless. *(Save for the plasma cannon)
+ Eight levels, eight different locals. None of which are on halo rings.
+ A sprawling and fully realized alien world where the Chief and the UNSC feel like the invaders.
+ Most human story yet which may take Halo in a bold new direction
+ Promethean > Flood* (The Prometheans are not the infinitely spawned meatshields the flood could be. Prometheans have respectable enemy AI and some of Halo 4’s tensest duels are between you and the Promethean Knights. They bring a new set of weapons for the player to use. They simply look cooler.)
+ By creating the Halo franchise’s first presentable human face models, 343 has not inherited the monkey on Bungie’s back.
+ Vehicle diversions could make for a great spinoff game by themselves.
+ Menacing new villain that sets the stakes higher than the last three Halo games.
+ Content.* (Co-op, challenging difficulties, interesting collectables that add to the lore, skulls which are like Easter eggs which dramatically change the gameplay.)
+ Surviving the switch from composers, the score continues Halo’s long standing pedigree of musical excellence and may indeed be better than any of the games before it.

– Promethean dogs.*(Far to numerous and basic of an enemy, which can be irritating to fight on the higher difficulties if you are not a marksman savant. They take vital screen time away from the excellent Promethean Knight.)
– Could drive a warthog through Cortana’s gap tooth. The only poor face model and it’s on one of the two lead characters.
– Grunt’s aren’t lovable quote machines.


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