Fire Emblem Awakening [Short]

9.5 Overall Score

+ Tweaks to the fire emblem formula make this the ideal gateway game into the franchise.
+ Two main characters you can root for.
+ Pairing attacks add a new layer of strategy and can help promote those burdensome low level characters.
+ Support conversations are now with a wide variety of characters instead of just a select few (who might not be worth using anyway.)
+ Re-classing can turn a poor character into an invincible one.
+ Time travel element which adds something unique to the game and doesn’t make you want to slap the writer.
+ Lengthy campaign and side quests will give you the most for your money.
+ Fighting your friend’s teams on the world map via streetpass.
+ Marriage between the right units unlocks stronger more powerful characters.
+ Artsy and colorful cutscenes keep you invested in the story.
+ Fighting old school fire emblem characters, on the download store, without having to pay for them.

– Weak barracks events weighed down by cookie cutter story sequences.
– DLC, which could have added to the campaign in inventive new ways, is little more than a cash grab.
– Pegasus Knights are one-shotted by Archers constantly, even though the other classes eventually overcome their weaknesses.
– Retro characters don’t have support conversations.
– No true co-op missions.* (Only team battles which are essentially simulated combat.)
– Characters can face permadeath when fighting your friend’s team.* (Your friends use the same characters you do, meaning both sides are designed to have a distinct advantage over their enemies. So rarely does a team come out unscathed.)


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