DMC [Short]

9.5 Overall Score

+ Multiple weapons aligned to the controller is the best thing to happen to the franchise, since Capcom refused to acknowledge that DMC2 existed.
+ A balanced pace of platforming, story and combat.
+ Instead of the usual hour long slog, with nothing but rebellion on your back, DmC gives you the tools to the game by the end of the second chapter.
+ Currency and upgrades are separated, no longer forcing you to choose between health items and new combos.
+ Events in limbo affect the real world, making for some interesting gameplay moments and set pieces.
+ Remains tongue in cheek while not losing emotion like some of its predecessors.
+ Cutscenes flow smoothly through boss fights without the need for button pressing mini games.
+ Boss battles are, for the most part, designated to their own missions so as not to screw up your ranking.
+ Developed by Ninja Theory and they brought along their patented love for orange pastels, excellence in weapon designs and most notably a coherent story which threatens to steal the show.
+ Bosses are big in scale, macabre in humor and worthy editions to the DmC repertoire.

– Sometimes all the buttons you must remember can be taxing especially when you need to use the jumping mechanics to escape danger.
– Platforming could benefit from more freedom and less landholding.* (Ninja Theory has created a solid system, but it needs to evolve with more player choice and less jumping in a straight line.)
– Linearity kills replayability.
– Devil trigger is basically a non-entity.
– Without an expansive Gothic castle to explore, searching for collectables loses some of its luster.


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