Up In Smoke Podcast 2019

Needless to say that 2018 was our best year of doing the podcast. We had tried before a few times but never were we able to keep it going like last year. I appreciate all of you who were guests on the show especially our regulars. I also want to give a shoutout to everyone who comes and watches the podcast, without you we would not have a reason to do it. Now on to 2019…

It would be easy for me to just continue the podcast as is and keep moving forward. However I think that trying to improve what we have should always be a goal. So there are changes I am working on for the podcast in 2019. Here is the current list;

  • New Segments – Right now I am looking at adding at least one if not two new segments to the podcast. One of them being “Questions from Chat” so we can get the audience involved a little more.
  • New Scenes – I am playing around with moving the video scenes around, having more scenes with information on them about the games we are talking about and a Streamer of the Week panel. Plus others!
  • New Graphics – Working with some artists on overhauling the graphics during our livestream.
  • Availability – Trying to get an audio format up on both Spotify and iTunes. I think I have found the correct way to get this done but it does require a monthly subscription to do. Still looking into it.
  • New Guests – One of our resident podcasters, Tarnis, is leaving us for 2019 so we will be getting a new regular in. Also I hope to have many more guest appearances this year!
  • New Topics – Still going to focus on gaming but I am hoping to cover a wider variety of subjects in the gaming market. This includes ideas and thoughts on streaming, community and other gaming related ideas.

All in all I am just hoping to have another great year with the podcast and that we keep this going for years to come. Please be patient and we will likely have our first podcast of 2019 in February. See you all then!!

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