July/August Giveaway! -Streamer Edition-

I am starting a giveaway again for the rest of July until the end of August. Details below:

This time we are doing another streamer edition give away. The winners will be able to pick from three prizes.

The New Elgato Green Screen! (This this is awesome since it just folds away when you don’t need it.)

Amazon Link

The Blue Yeti Blackout (Good mic!! Myself and Jiglybits use this one.)

Amazon Link

Logitech c922X Webcam

Amazon Link

Notice I did say winners plural. I will be doing two giveaways. The first being from my Twitch Followers so hop over there and follow me if you want to enter the contest. The second giveaway will be just for twitter followers. So check that out too. The links are below.

Links to follow on twitch and twitter are below.. You only have to follow to be entered!!!



As always I reserve the right to deny a winner if I think they made more than one account or what not. Also if you are overseas I will give you a gift card of the appropriate amount as I cannot ship you amazon stuff from the US.

For those of you skeptical on our giveaways.. our shipped prize winner tweets are here and here.

Giveaway ends August 31st. I will announce winners September 4th on stream!!

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