New Minecraft Server Online

We are now hosting a Minecraft server. We are using the FTB Departed mod which is an Advent of Ascension mod pack. We are going for a roleplay style server. Also this is not an easy server at all. Those of you who have played Advent of Ascension should know haha. Join our discord to get updates about the server and chat with us when we play!

Server Address:

Install Help:

* Go and download FTB Launcher – FTB Website
* We recommend the Legacy Launcher which is BELOW the Download Now Button
* Once Installed open FTB and click the filter button and search for Departed
* Install the Departed Mod and then launch the game
* Go to multiplayer and add the server information above.

Discord Info:

When you join our discord if you type .iam Minecraft you will be added to our Minecraft channels. DM me in discord if you need anything. Pyrocleptic#8910

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