A Few Good Adventurers

I want to start running some one shot D&D games starting next month. Details below.

Like I said above the plan is for these games to be one shot games. Basically I do not want to run a regular group through a campaign right now but I do want to play some D&D. I also want people to be able to toy with builds as the new Xanathars Guide is coming out which added a bunch of subclasses. Games will range from level 0(Character Funnel) – 15ish. Depending on the game. Before you say you want to play please read my requirements for you guys:

Can Play Friday Nights 9PM-1AM CST.

Can use roll20.net

Can use dndbeyond.com (You do not need to pay for anything just be able to access it.

Can use discord.


What to expect from me:

A game lasting 1-3 sessions with plenty of monsters, traps and roleplay. I like everyone to have fun at my games and so we may bend rules or even in certain circumstances break them. I usually only run parties of 4 sometimes 5 so if you sign up and do not get in the first game I will get you in a game eventually. We will rotate players when a new one shot starts. If you are playing a current one shot and you cannot make the next session(or don’t want to come cause I suck) we are not going to wait. We will ask someone to fill in for you. Since this is not a campaign this shouldn’t be a big deal. Mostly I want people to just get together and play some D&D.

Any questions or if your interested please let me know one of these ways:

Email: sovereign@pyrocleptic.com

Discord: Pyrocleptic#8910

DM us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PyroclepticGames/



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