48 Hour Charity Stream

EDIT: In light of Hurricane Harvey we want to help our home state as well. So we decided to add one more charity to help Texas and we will be splitting what we earn 50/50. Appreciate the donations and the good time! See you on the 1st!

Ok everyone we are lining all our ducks up in a row for this charity stream we are doing for Texas Hurricane Harvey and Venezuela Relief.(Read more on our reasons why on the Gofundme page!)  Please Check out all the details below:


Stream Start Time: Friday September 1st, 6PM CST

Stream End Time: Sunday September 3rd 6PM CST

Link to the Gofundme: Here

Link to Twitch Channel: Here

We will be giving away prizes every hour DURING the stream. If your online watching you could win!!

Link to the Schedule(will be filled out more as we get closer to the event): Charity Stream

Link to our Challenges when we hit milestones: Here

Current Game list of Prizes: Prize List

For anyone who donates $15 or more to this gofundme we will be doing a raffle drawing at the end of the stream( we have over 100 games to give away!) Anyone who donates over $100 will be put in a separate drawing to win a slightly used PS4* (*Used by yours truely.) We will hold the drawings at the end of the stream, around 6PM September 3rd. All donations including ones before the podcast will count toward the giveaways on the 3rd.

List of Charities we are going to split the donation to:

Primeros Auxilios UCV
Primeros Auxilios ULA
Comparte Por Una Vida

American Red Cross (Texas Harvey Relief)

Let us know if you want to come by and hang with us on Stream. Or play anything with us online we will gladly have you. Also if you want to see anything played by us we are open to suggestions!!


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