Starting Area Completed for Minecraft

Check out our starting/portals area for the server. Its starting to come together. This is our central hub.. from here you will be able to use “water portals” to get to one of our many games or just chill out over in regular survival with your friends.

2014-02-14_17.11.55 2014-02-14_17.12.13 2014-02-14_17.12.29 2014-02-14_17.12.45 2014-02-14_17.13.33 2014-02-14_17.13.43

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One Comment on "Starting Area Completed for Minecraft"

  1. BlackFoxR March 2, 2014 at 12:55 pm - Reply

    I think mods should have their creative mode ability removed once they enter the survival map, its kinda lame if mods are constantly spawning in items on the survival map, playing on survival is supposed to be really hard and the temptation to cheat is overwelming, they don’t need creative mode to moderate the server, just my 2 cents

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